CM van Schie visited Rijnlandroute construction site

This weekend Construction Management van Schie brought a visit to the Rijnlandroute construction site alongside the A4.

The project is one of the biggest construction project at the moment executed in the South State of the Netherlands. A contract between the ProvincieZuidHolland and Comol5 (Mobilis, Croonwolter&dros, VINCI Construction and DEME infra). Main goals is to construct a new road (N434) between the A44 (Katwijk) to the A4 (Leiden higway) in order to bypass the city and prevent traffic jams. A 2,5km tunnel will be drilled under Voorschoten by using the Herrenknecht tunneling boring machine and the highway A44 and A4 will be reconstructed. The construction area is used as start of the tunnel entrance, storing tunnel segments, utilities to optimize the drilling fluid and many more. If you would like to be involved with this amazing project, the information Rijnlandroute booth can provide you all the answers you have. Enough parking car space is available, or even better, take your bike and plan a tour around the Vlietlanden area.