Building your future together

What we do

Construction Management Van Schie was born out of passion. You have an idea and we translate it for you into a visible (renovation) construction project of the highest quality. Making sure we can both be proud of. We draw up plans in consultation with you and the contractor and connect all the working disciplines that come together.

By talking to you, but especially listening to you, we can offer you the perfect guidance. Ensuring you don’t have to worry, but you will get exactly what you want. How wonderful is it that we can help you realize your dream? That is what makes our work so satisfying.

Independent construction supervision

Many different parties are involved in a construction project. On the construction site it’s a coming and going of companies and professionals. Our supervisor has the overview and monitors the quality. He can prevent problems and therefore unnecessary failure costs. He oversees the safety of your project. Resulting in quality delivering within your schedule and that is what we both want.

We are happy to help you with quality construction site management and technical inspections.

Guidance and budget

We also started small and understand better than anyone that you want to keep the costs as low as possible. That is why, in consultation with you, we make a tailor-made package for your construction or renovation needs. Of course we take your budget into account.


Whether it’s a small renovation of your house or business premises, we will assist you. Every project is different and needs special attention. By listening carefully to you, we know during which phase you can use our expertise. We are particularly specialized in the execution process.


During the execution we test whether everything still meets your needs. This prevents surprises and costs afterwards. Of course you can always contact us with your questions and comments. Your wishes are most important, because ultimately you are the one who has to live or work in the building. Our work will not be finished until you are satisfied with the end result.

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