Involve an experienced construction manager from the very start to get maximum benefits

What we do

Construction Management Van Schie was born out of passion. You have an idea and we translate it into a visible (renovation) construction project of the highest quality for you. One we can both be proud of. We are your representative during the execution of the construction process.

The planning, coordination, personnel, safety management and quality of the construction team to carry out the construction activities according to contract … it is all our responsibility. This also applies to checking and reporting progress & quality.

As a client you are jointly responsible for a safe and healthy construction site. This is something that is imposed on you by the Inspectorate SZW. Our task is to supervise a safe and healthy construction site.

Cost saving

In order to ensure that your project does not cost more than you previously estimated, it is important to involve a construction manager in the process from the very beginning. In this way, everything can be closely monitored, so that you won’t get any nasty surprises afterwards.


We deal with multiple disciplines in implementation, such as:

  • Excavation (laying electrical cables, gas, water and sewer)
  • Concrete and finishing construction
  • Steel structures and pipeline construction
  • Electrical and mechanical installations
  • Transport
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Hoisting activities

Of course there are even more disciplines that we deal with. Ask us about the possibilities.

Our tasks in a project

Before execution:

  • Consultation with stakeholders
  • Drawing up a quote comparison
  • Assessing applications to third parties
  • Conducting constructability checks (Constructability is a disciplined, systematic assessment method to identify the issues relevant to the safe, effective and correct execution of construction and maintenance activities)
  • Construction site visit
  • Assessing HSE plans
  • Reviewing work & implementation plans

During execution:

  • Chairing / attending a kick-off meeting or toolbox
  • Chairing / attending a project or (daily) construction meeting
  • Coordinating the daily work with the client
  • Prepare workplace coordination / set up construction site
  • Managing / coordinating a project team
  • Managing / coordinating third parties
  • Daily project coordination in the field of safety, progress, quality, additional and less work
  • Purchasing prefab activities at (external) location
  • Organizing interim and final assessments on location
  • Attending or organizing a project evaluation


Safety, budget, progress and quality are closely monitored by us. This takes a lot of your worries and precious time off your hands. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Our interests are the same: we both want an end result that we can be proud of.