About Construction Management van Schie


Construction Management Van Schie originated from passion. Translating the idea that begins at the kitchen table into a project that becomes visible is the silver lining to our work for us. It is an honor to us to be able to help you realize your dreams. You are the important starting point.


We draw up plans together with you and the contractor, while we listen carefully to what you have to say and we ask the right questions. We then connect all working disciplines that come together. Our goal is a result that will make you enthusiastic.


Your wishes are our assignment. We will make sure that the ideas you have in mind will be realized. Maybe we can contribute something. Something you have not thought of yourself. We are just as enthusiastic about what you want as you are.


Construction Management Van Schie can represent you during the preparation and execution phase with the contractor. We offer daily project coordination in the areas of safety, progress, quality and costs. We also ensure that all parties involved remain connected.


We take care of everything for you. We achieve the highest possible result in consultation with you. This is what we like to do and you will notice … in every way.